How to use the ZBB method and cash envelope system for budgeting

In this video Taylor Budgets shares how to use the zero-based budgeting method and the cash envelope system to start crushing your budgeting goals.

Taylor Budgets x Taylor Budgets

Taylor is a mom to a beautiful and bossy toddler daughter, a Clinical Psychology graduate student, and works part-time as a Social Media Coordinator and podcaster for a small business. In January 2021, she manifested becoming financially educated and no longer living paycheck to paycheck, due to unhealthy spending habits. With over $140,000 in debt ($120,000 in student loans), in February 2021, she started documenting her financial/budgeting journey on her YouTube channel, TaylorBudgets, which now has over 50,000 subscribers, where she inspires and motivates others to save, pay off debt, and live their best life, even on a low income.

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