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Working with Life Legacy

In this article, we chat with one of our partners, Life Legacy. We worked with Life Legacy to create content about life insurance for young adults in a fun, engaging way. Here’s what they had to say about working with us!

together with Life Legacy

This concept of building an everlasting legacy is what sparked Jordan, Spencer, and Austin Cassidy’s idea for Life Legacy. The three brothers lost their father John Cassidy in 2007 after a tumultuous battle with brain cancer. One lasting lesson John left with his sons was taught through life’s toughest moments and that is despite life not going the way you planned it, there is a greater purpose than your so-called plan. Life Legacy provides wills, life insurance, annuities, and more to support the people AND causes you care about most. 

life legacy

We partnered with Life Legacy to help provide the information and education needed for young adults to decide if life insurance is the right choice for them. Here’s a bit more about our experience working together!

onomy: Craig, thanks again for offering to write with us! What is your background in the life insurance world?


Craig: Thanks Morgan. I like to think of myself as an insurance old-timer with 2022 digital sensibilities. I was 18 years as a life insurance Chief Marketing Officer. In 2016, recognizing that new buyers wanted new ways to interact with the company, we worked to move our life insurance application process 100% online. We also use plain language to describe what role life insurance plays in our life.


onomy: Why did you decide to leave a legacy life insurance company to consult for startups and work with Life Legacy?


Craig: It was the right time in my life to leave. I wanted more time flexibility and thought that all of the digital, forward-thinking experience I had gained could benefit companies that had not yet made the analog to digital transition. Plus, the co-called “Insurtech” movement was driving a lot of technically-savvy entrepreneurs into the insurance space. These startups had great ideas, but needed an experienced life insurance person as part of their team.


onomy: Why are you excited about Life Legacy and what they are building? Who is your target market?


Craig: Life Legacy’s model is very simple. Use the power of online life insurance to help people give in a big way to the organizations and causes that they support. So for life insurance, the target market is very broad, since there are life insurance products made for 25 year olds and 79 year olds. On Life Legacy’s platform, all of the products can be used across all age groups to leave a big charitable gift when the giver passes away.


onomy: What are often the misnomers people have about life insurance and especially starting to consider at a younger age?


Craig: A few things, I think. First is cost. For people in their 20s and 30s, basic term life insurance is unbelievably inexpensive. A 28 year old can get $250,000 of coverage for less than $20 a month. The other issue is answering the question..”do I need it?” If you have any debt at all, or anticipate that you may get a mortgage some day, then, yes, get it now while it is really inexpensive. Also, if you want to name a charity as a beneficiary, Life Legacy can help you do that with a couple of products that are really affordable. The power of life insurance means that you can make monthly payments and, when you die, our favorite charity gets a big payoff.


onomy: Why are you excited to work with onomy?


Craig: onomy is a great place for young people to get started with the basics of adulting. One of the key areas of adulting that must be addressed is financial security. How to open a checking account, the basics of investing our money for the long term and protecting your stuff and your loved ones are all part of the adulting world. onomy addresses these issues head on. We’re glad to be part of the onomy journey!

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