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4 Apartment Cleaning Supplies You Need

Here are the 4 different kinds of cleaning supplies you need for your first (or new) apartment!

apartment cleaning supplies

Moving into your first apartment is a huge milestone. You finally have a place of your own, and you get to call the shots. But that also means that you have to be the one to clean up. That’s why we put together this ultimate checklist of apartment cleaning supplies you need.

Wherever you are in the process of finding or moving into your first apartment, you’ll need to pick up four different kinds of apartment cleaning supplies before you throw that housewarming party. 

Apartment Cleaning Supplies Checklist

  • Broom
  • Dustpan
  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Mop
  • Stainless Steal Cleaner
  • Grease Cleaner
  • Multipurpose Cleaner
  • Glass Cleaner
  • Wire Scrubber
  • Scour Pad

A broom and dustpan is your bread and butter. Even if your apartment is all carpet, you should still get a small one for upkeep in your bathroom and other hardwood or tile areas. A good quality broom and dustpan should be easy to find at a high quality and low price.

For a vacuum cleaner, you’ll find a much wider range of price and capabilities, and you can shop based on your needs. You may need something strong to clean up after your pets, or something reliable for cleaning up after hosting your weekly dinner party. Even if you have a small amount of carpet, like an area rug, you should still consider a hand vacuum to keep your place looking sharp. 

Depending on the size and type of flooring in your apartment, you might need a mop, too. Not only will it leave your floor shiny and smelling good, but it will also help protect it against scuff marks from even the toughest of shoes. 

You can’t have a clean home with just a clean floor. That’s where the real deep cleaners come in. Depending on your exact appliances and layout, a stainless steel cleaner or a grease cleaner should be a consideration.

Otherwise, you should make sure to get a quality multipurpose cleaner, glass cleaner, and heavy duty-scrub. You might even want to buy some empty spray bottles and make your own cleaner, Making sure you have the proper liquids is essential for getting rid of messes and bacteria. 

A poor workman blames their tools, and a good renter thanks their sponges. A regular sponge is essential for cleaning dishes and grimy surfaces, but a wire scrubber or scour pad can save you lots of headaches and time. Their versatility will help get rid of all the caked food stuck on your plates and help remove the grime and grease that collects on counters and stovetops.

Simple rags can also serve you in many ways. From dish towels to sustainable, washable paper towels, they can be a great aid for wiping and scrubbing surfaces with your newly acquired cleaning solutions.

Bathroom Cleaning Supplies

  • All purpose bathroom cleaner
  • Rubber gloves
  • Toilet Bowl Cleaner
  • Toilet Brush
  • Bleach
  • Scrubber

When your bathroom is clean and polished, you’ll hardly notice or remember your time in the lavatory. The same can’t be said when you visit a dirty bathroom. Though your bathroom is likely the smallest room in your apartment, your bathroom(s) will require the most upkeep. 

An all-purpose bathroom cleaner will be useful because of the higher concentration of bacteria-killing agents, which is something your general disinfectants and sprays might not be able to handle as well.

When dealing with so much bacteria, make sure you wash your hands before and after cleaning, and wear a good pair of gloves. Not only are rubber gloves a more sustainable option, but they are also more likely to stay intact while you’re doing heavy scrubbing. 

Toilet bowl cleaner and a toilet brush go hand in hand, as does bleach and a good scrubber. You may find that the cabinet under your sink might get full fast, but it is essential that you have these tools to keep the bathroom clean for you and your company. 

There you have it! Now you’re ready for a trip to your local grocery or big box store to stock up on these apartment cleaning supplies. You’ll be a regular Mr. Clean, and when your family comes for a visit expecting a bachelor/bachelorette pad, they’ll be happily surprised with your pristine palace. Even a studio feels big, bright, and beautiful when it’s squeaky clean!

For more on the first time apartment needs, check out our guide here.

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