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Let us make it easy for you. Taxes, health insurance, investing for the first time, renting/buying a home, and lots more – why didn’t we learn this in school? There’s so much we need to know to live our daily lives, but were never taught. ‍

We created onomy because we believe that everyone should have this knowledge – for free. Our courses and lessons simplify complex topics to help you make the transition to real life. It’s #adulting made easy.

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our story

Why didn’t we learn this in school?


We have been asking ourselves this question for years, and we’re not alone. Unfortunately, when it comes to taxes, health insurance, managing debt, budgeting, credit, and other #adulting subject matter, we learned the hard way. We lost money, we lost time… and we lost patience waiting for someone to step up and solve this problem.


So, we did something about it. It started in a class we took together in school. Then, when COVID came along and thrust hundreds of millions into financial and health-related uncertainty, we created onomy to do our part in closing the knowledge gap. 


onomy is empowering millions of young adults by facilitating the transition to independence, giving them the confidence they need to navigate adulthood in a world that’s changing more rapidly than ever before.


We’re on a mission to democratize access to real-life learning, to demystify complex and overwhelming topics, and to empower millions of people to make big life decisions.


Join us on our mission! And don’t forget to tell us what you think (we love feedback!) – email us at founders@onomy.co, or submit a form on our contact page.


sam rowen


Blindly checked boxes on way

too many health insurance forms.

Trying to get it together!

favorite lesson:


sam abrahamson


Lost approx. $64,763 by not investing

in my first 401(k).

favorite lesson:

advisory board


advait shinde

co-founder, ceo

favorite lesson:

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